Capay Organic: Working on 450 acres in Capay, CA, and 600 acres in the Imperial Valley, Capay Organic was founded in 1976 by Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes. In 1992, Kathleen also started one of the first community-supported agriculture programs in California, Farm Fresh to You. Capay Organic is now in its second generation of ownership and grows a variety of organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, and herbs.

Garden Variety Cheese: Garden Variety Cheese is a small farmstead cheese business based out of northern Monterey County on the 40-acre Monkeyflower Ranch. It began commercial milking and cheese production in March of 2009. To ensure the health and well-being of the animals and the high quality of the milk and cheese, the 100 milking ewes at Monkeyflower Ranch graze on 30 acres of pasture and are fed alfalfa hay, organic brewer’s grain, and organic corn. On top of this, the dairy sheep are seasonal producers, only giving milk for about six months per year. In addition to sheep, the ranch is home to 180 pasture-raised chickens and pasture-raised, whey-fed pigs.

Happy Boy Farms: Owner Greg Beccio has been farming organically for more than 20 years in the central coast region of northern California. Happy Boy Farms is located near Watsonville and tends to multiple plots of lands located in neighboring counties. Each field has a unique microclimate and soil structure, creating a multitude of growing conditions for a wide array of row crops.

Hidden Star Orchards: Located on 100 acres in Linden, CA, Hidden Star Orchards is run by John Smit and Wendy Holm. Hidden Star, which began as a dairy farm, became an apple orchard in 1985. Today, a number of fruits are grown including apples, cherries, and grapes. Hidden Star’s apples are known for their delicious taste profile, a result of the mile-long swath of Delta trade winds that blow over the orchard.

Malik Ranch: Malik Ranch sits on 220 acres in Hickman, CA, southeast of Modesto and has been run by the Louie family since the 1990s. The ranch grows a variety of almonds, pistachios, dried and fresh fruit. The ranch hasn’t used a pesticide since 1990 and strives to bring the most nutritious, California-grown nuts and tree-ripened fruits to customers and to educate the public about including nuts in meals to ensure a healthy diet.

Snyders Honey: Snyders Honey has been in business since 1964. The company’s hives are located near the Crystal Springs Reservoir, south of San Francisco, an area with no commercial farming. The owners, Bill and Ann Snyders, take great pride in maintaining an open space for their bees, which enjoy the nectar and pollen of a wide variety of native wildflowers. Snyders Honey has become known for its “Cappings Wildflower Honey,” which is a local wildflower honey that is sold in its unheated, unfiltered, and raw form.

Swanton Berry Farm: Jim Chochran founded Swanton Berry Farm in 1983 with the goal of providing flavorful strawberries that were not grown at the expense of farmworkers’ health or dignity. Over the years, Swanton has become an industry leader in developing organic methods for growing strawberries. Located in Santa Cruz, Swanton Berry Farm has been CCOF-certified since 1990.

Tomatero Organic Farm: Tomatero Organic Farm is located in the Pajaro Valley, just south of Santa Cruz and 5 miles inland of the California coast.The farm has been CCOF-certified organic since it was founded in 2004 when farmers had to borrow a neighbor’s tractor to farm the four acres of leased land. Since, the farm has grown to over 90 acres and sells its goods at 15 markets throughout the Bay Area.

Twin Girls Farms: Twin Girls Farm is run by Nacho and Casamira Sanchez and is located in the town of Yettem, CA. The farm grows a number of organic fruits on 616 acres of land. Twin Girls got its name in 1991 after Nacho and Casamira gave birth to twin daughters, Christyna and Serena. Since then, the Sanchez family has grown and Nacho has named some of his peach varieties after their third daughter, Savannah.

Food Vendors:

Drewes Meats: Drewes Meats originally opened in 1889 as Fairmont Meats. In 1890 the name changed to Drewes Meats. It is thought to be the oldest operating butcher shop in California. The company prides itself on its sustainability, never selling endangered fish species and ensuring meats are free-range, all natural, and anti-biotic free. The full-service butcher shop is located at 1706 Church Street in the heart of Noe Valley. Drewes Meats calls itself the Bad Boys of Butchery.

El Buen Comer: Born in Mexico City, Isabel Caudillo cooks the food she was raised with, the richly flavored dishes of her childhood. El Buen Comer was born out of Isabel’s commitment to growing her business through La Cocina, a non-profit incubator kitchen in San Francisco that works with women who are launching and formalizing food businesses. Isabel makes her authentic Mexican dishes from scratch, using organic masa and hand-rolling enchiladas. Her entire family helps her in the kitchen and with running the business.

Juicey Lucy’s: Always organic, always seasonal, local and sustainable, Juicey Lucy’s has been San Francisco’s premiere producer of organic, fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juice since 1994. Instead of pressing standardized recipes exhibiting the same ingredients year-round, Juicey Lucy’s shops by the bounty of the season and offers juice made from produce that is fresh and abundant from local farmers markets. The company’s philosophy is simple: real fresh juice doesn’t come from a bottle that has been sitting on a shelf or in a refrigerator; it’s healthier and tastes better when it’s enjoyed the same day it was pressed.

Le Dix-Sept: Based in San Francisco, Le Dix-Sept uses organic, fair-trade, and local Bay Area ingredients to provide customers desserts they can feel good about indulging in. Owners Michelle and Cyril have trained and worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in France. They find inspiration for their work from nature and the beauty it creates.

Sour Flour Bread: Sour Flour was founded in 2009 by Danny Gabriner when, through home experimentation with sour dough baking, he decided to start a bakery with a twist. The first 1000 loaves would be free and would be given away to neighbors, collaborators and anyone who expressed an interest in Sour Flour. Today, this attitude has not changed as the company offers bread education courses and free Bagel Monday as a way of fostering community giving. All of Sour Flour’s bread is naturally fermented and made with just organic flour, water, and salt.

Sukhi’s Gourmet Indian Cuisine: Born in India, Sukhi Singh learned the art of cooking Indian food as a young girl from her grandmother. Sukhi soon found herself cooking for large family gatherings, and she has been an avid chef and cooking instructor ever since. Sukhi’s Gourmet Indian Cuisine was founded in the Bay Area in 1992, following an increased demand for authentic Indian food prepared with premium, natural ingredients.